Sven Fink



Building technical Underwater Equipment for    ESA   European Space Agency


Streaming Installation on the "Citizenship" ZKU/Berlin and at the Hiroshima Bay in Kassel at the documenta fifteen


Publication of Grant of a Modular mobile transport Trolley No.10 2011 108 049

Director of photography - Underwater life Screening SPo2 in Switzerland with the performance Artist Anne Rochat.


Founder of the Company Dynamic Log with Benjamin Hauser
creating conzepts and Ideas, building Technical Camera tools,
Invention of individuell Underwater Housing for Cameras,Lights and Remote Technology


Founder of the Selektiv Studios in Pulheim (Germany)
a creative base for the elaboration of Film, Music, Art and Technology


Director of photography / Cinematographer

Founder of  Airsourceone  in Pulheim (Germany)
turnig my passion of diving into business

1999 – 2015

With my Know How about camera technology I started as a focus puller (1stAC) and camera operator
I was able to take part in numerous movies, commercials and filmprojects imdb Crew united
Highlight of my Career as the A-Camera Operator in the movie "Two man in Suits" with the Director of Photography (D.o.P) Tom Fährmann

1995 – 1999

Disposition and Technician for High End camera technology on professional film and video cameras and lenses at the Film Equipment Rental cinerent Cologne (aka Cinegate)
Arri, Moviecam, Panavision


Advisor on the development of Underwaterhousing for professional Film Cameras

1989 – 1995

Internship and set up of a workshop at the  film equipment rental cinerent cologne (aka Cinegate), getting experience as an lighting electrician, Gaffer and Key Grip

1989 – 2004

Showlight Designer at the E-Werk Cologne, Concerts & Discothek
With my work as a Lighting artist and Lightjockey(LJ)
I used technology like an Instrument to give music a visible Athmosphere
1997 Grand-MA Operator
1992 Scancommander Operator
1989 first work with Peacock Computer to remote Golden Scan moving lights via Digital Multiplex (DMX) to control Showlight and Projections


Internship as a generalist at my fathers Company, ProStage / Incentive & Communications
Generate Ideas, organization & technology for events & product presentations.
At that time this company were the second largest sales promotion and event agency in Germany


My Internship as a stage technician and technical drawer at the Cologne Opera was significant.
The interaction of technology and content which becomes wonderful art inspired me


Mindblowing Experience as a Sound engineer Assistant at Apple Expo in Cologne when Bill Gates introduced the first Apple Macintosh

1982 – 1986

As an 11 year old boy it was exciting to assist my father as a Roadie with Installations of show lighting, sound and stage technology. He was technical supervisor of large festivals and sound engineer for Genesis, Queen, BAP…


Born and based in Cologne / Germany